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Tue, Apr. 7th, 2037, 07:47 pm
The LJ of the ...... HEY, I SAW A SQUIRREL!

This here is a public post, because it feels so superior that it thinks it should be on display for anyone who happens to stumble across it.

(Yes, this post is sentient. Do not question it or look directly into its eyes, style of thing. Mostly it is in a great mood, but once in a while... CRANKY!)

(Yeah, sorry about that. Er, um.)

What I meant to say was this: posts are pretty much LJ-list-locked at this point. Various filters available now! Collect them all, or, mix and match by trading with your friends! Sparkly, and FUN! Ask to be added if ya want. Who knows, it might result in still more words on your screen! Some of them are even likely to be multi-syllabic!

Quite probable, in addition:
Some funky punctuation. (You may call it "funktuation", if you like.)
See also: Too many exclamation points!?!? How is such a thing even possible. !!!